For the Product Department I am involved in the UI & UX Design for Desktop and Mobile, and also in the user testing and prototyping. The new version of Digify with some of my work on it - it will be released soon. Stay tuned!
For the Marketing Department of Digify I have been working as their Graphic & Media Designer. I created and edited video, assets for their Social Media and designed their Print Media material, etc. .
To update the online presence of the company, I was in charge of revamping their website by giving their online presence a modern look. For viewing the final result, visit the new home page here:
Below you can see the new design of the landing page of Digify.
About Digify

Digify is a Singapore based firm which specialised in Document Security and Data Rooms. Their diverse features reach from Document Tracking, Access Control, Self Destruct, Dynamic Watermarks, Screen Shield and many others. 
Some of the most popular use cases are Fundraising, Due Diligence, Distribution of Training Material and Legal Contracts.
Document Security Made Simple
Document Security Made Simple
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